Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic oil:

Powerex has a state of art blending facility in Nairobi, Kenya. Our laboratory is very well equipped with modern machines and testing instruments.

Powerex has played a key role in satisfying the growing demand for Lubricants in Kenya and parts of East Africa.


Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 32, 37, 68, 100

Powerex Hydraulic Oil is high performance lubricants formulated from advanced base oil and balanced additive system designed to satisfy a wide range of heavy-duty hydraulic equipment requirements. This product is specifically engineered using an effective balance of ash-less dispersants and metallic detergents combined with inhibitors to control oxidation, wear, corrosion and rust. Powerex Hydraulic Oil is used in a wide range of on and off highway hydraulic applications.


Hydraulic systems and components used in conjunction with equipment from leading American, Europe and Japanese manufacturers. Hydraulic Systems where wide ambient temperatures are encountered. Hydraulic systems containing gears and bearings where good anti-wear properties are required.

Features & Benefits

This premium product delivers excellent performance in wide range of hydraulic systems and components using various multi-metal designs.

Its excellent oxidation resistance delivers good performance at higher temperatures and extended operating intervals. High level of anti-wear protection result in extended equipment life and fewer breakdowns.

Meets & Exceeds

• ISO 11158

• ISO 6743-4-HM

Packing Size: 5L, 20L, 208L