Brake Fluid

Brake fluid:

Powerex has a state of art blending facility in Nairobi, Kenya. Our laboratory is very well equipped with modern machines and testing instruments.

Powerex has played a key role in satisfying the growing demand for Lubricants in Kenya and parts of East Africa.



Powerex Brake Fluids are heavy duty high boiling point glycols that is suitable for all conventional drum and disc brake system under arduous conditions. It may be used in hydraulic clutch-release systems. Care should be taken that Powerex Brake Fluids should not be used in hydraulic systems for which mineral base fluids are specified.


Particularly suitable for brake circuits operating in very severe conditions. Exactly right for all brake circuits for which the manufacturer requires a synthetic fluid meeting the standards indicated below.

Features & Benefits

• Low vapor pressure and high boiling point.

• Fluidity at low temperatures and excellent thermal stability.

• Excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance.

• Compatible with all system seals.

Meets & Exceeds

• SAE J 1704

• ISO 4925

Packing Size: 200ML, 500ML, 5L, 20L